Sprachschule Mank
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Professional live-online teaching

Deutsch A2
next course starts in February 2024
Mondays and Wednesdays
4.30pm to 6pm
Course fee: 144€ per month
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Deutsch C1
next course starts in March 2024
Tuesdays and Thursdays
6.30pm to 8pm
Course fee : 144€ per month
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The Language Lab 

Saturdays 11am to 12pm
90€ per month regular price
72€ per month for course participants

Contents Deutsch A2:
With intensive focus on grammar and speaking
In our A2 course you will learn the wide range of German grammar. We also focus in speaking in small groups during class so that you simultanously learn how to apply what you have learned in everyday life. Therefore, the course duration is  4 months. At the end of the course you will be very well prepared to attend any B1 course. You will also be able to use and apply gramatical structures of advanced A2. Those who want to take an A2 exam in Goethe or TELC will get support in exam preparation.
We have speaking units every week 
- interactive and very current teaching material
- German in everyday life
- phone calls
- making appointments 
- small talk 
- speaking with colleagues, friends and neighbours
- German language and culture 
- idioms 

Inhalte Deutsch B1:
We learn the intense apply of grammar written and in everyday life. We focus in applying the grammar and new words intependently in everyday life situations. 

- interactive and very current teaching material
- German in everyday life and job
- independently getting along in everyday life
- clearly applying standard language 
- many speech units about everyday life situations 
- introduction of the exams Goethe B1 and TELC B1 
- speaking about own interests and hobbies
- making plans in groups 
- speaking about hopes, dreams and plans 

Deutsch für Ärztinnen und Ärzte
Deutsch für Zahnmedizin

One-to-one lessons: Deutsch A1 - C1: 35€ General German
One-to-one lessons: C2, Deutsch für MedizinerInnen 42€
One-to-one lessons: Deutsch für ZahnmedizinerInnen 42€
One-to-one lessons for companies and other individualized teaching contents: 79€ or package prices. Contact me for an offer
Companies pay the regular course fees A1 to B2 in case their participants attend a regular course

*One lesson has 45minutes. A double-lesson has 90minutes